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I Like This Conversation With My Parents

Dad: Have you seen the salt?

Me: Yeah, I just used it and put it back on the table…

Mom: Well it isn’t here so where else could you have put it? Did you maybe stick it in the fridge?

Me: That is insane. If I put it in the fridge that would be the ultimate sign that I have lost my mind.

I open the fridge. The salt is on the top shelf.


Dad: I think that laugh might be a sign that you have lost your mind.

I Like Conversations With My Dad

Quick update to this post: 

The CVS near my house had to put up big neon yellow signs at each cash register that said “CVS no longer accepts expired coupons.” 

That shouldn’t be an issue, but because of my father it is. Clearly the New Year’s Resolution is going… well?

Wrecking Ball (Cover)- Dixie Chicks

This is so great.

I Like Conversations With My Dad

My dad sent me an article about how carbonated beverages can make you constipated.

I told him he was a party pooper and he said “Maybe I am, but you certainly won’t be.”

I Like Confessions

There is a Boloco directly below where I work. However, whenever I need a smoothie (which is most of the time), I walk to the one that is 15 minutes away. 

I tell people it is because they make better smoothies, but really it is because the last three times I got a smoothie at the Boloco below work, I couldn’t get the straw into little hole in the top of the cup.

All. Three. Times.

I don’t know if the top is messing up or if I am messed up or if it is beautiful mix of both, but what life has taught me is that when life gives you lemons, walk 15 minutes over to the next lemonade stand.

Come Get It Bae by Pharrell Williams

I find Pharrell’s technique for spelling “bae” to be a tad questionable, but I feeling the rest of this.

Ugh, Jenny Slate is just the greatest.

This website has a ton of really easy recipes and how-to’s set to fun hipster songs.

No Love by Hooray For Earth

This song feels like summer and I need that always.

I Like This Conversation With My Mom

Me: I cleaned my bathroom.

Mom: Oh, did you? Did you clean that gross shelf?

Me: …. No. 

Mom: I see.

Me: Let me revise that. I cleaned half of my bathroom. That is half cleaner than it was before.

Mom: There you go.