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Jun 17


Jun 13

I Like This Conversation With My Dad

I bought a jalapeño pepper plant. I told my dad he can name it whatever his heart desired. Russian. English. Whatever.

So now my plant is named “Sharpie.” Because jalapeños are sharp. Duh.

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Jun 05


Jun 04

I Like Inner Peas

Puns are the greatest. These are the greatest. Ate the whole damn bag.


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Jun 03


Jun 02


May 25

I Like What Just Happened

There is a missing cat in our neighborhood.

So my mom and I were going for a walk and we saw the sign. And I read it a little bit closer and realized that the cat’s name was “Fatty.” The second I said his name out loud, we heard a meow.

We said his name again and again a meow coming from the bushy area near us. My mom and I started to investigate and pretty soon, we were on our hands and knees saying “fatty” over and over in an attempt to find this very nice cat. 

And then I spotted him. Sitting on the window sill of the basement apartment near the bushes, meowing at us from the warmth of his house, INSIDE all safe and sound.

We did it. We found Fatty (or a cat who looked just like him and responded to his name). So if anyone needs us, we will be on Season 2 of True Detective.